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How to create a digital marketing strategy that works!

Social media marketing

By 2025, there will be 75 billion devices that are connected to the internet.

Every aspect of the consumer journey can be optimised. As a result, customers now expect to see the most relevant ads to them.¬†What’s more, customers no longer trust businesses and brands. They trust their friends, family and even a stranger’s review online.

In order to cover all the possible exchanges or touchpoints that customers have with your business, a digital marketing strategy is necessary. This strategy should be customised and personalised based on the demographics, interests and behaviour your customers exhibit online.

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So, what is included in a digital marketing strategy?

A digital marketing strategy is your plan for how you want your business represented online.

Some of the factors included in a digital marketing strategy should be your social media marketing, website design, search engine optimisation, online advertising, digital analytics as well as how you plan on applying your traditional marketing tactics in the digital world.

This video by Ignite Visibility touches on how to create a digital strategy for your business.

The customer journey is critical to understand when creating a digital marketing strategy. Allow us to perform an assessment of your online presence and advise you on the necessary steps you can take to turn your website traffic into customers!

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